Meet “Cowie” – the ‘HAPPY BARN’

I’ve been wanting to try the newest fad in milkshakes since it was opened few weeks ago in Rustans Evia, the HAPPY BARN ☺ but i only had the chance to try it this afternoon, when i drove along from Mandaluyong to Las Piñas and finally decided to drop by at The Happy Barn in Rustans. 

The weather is scorching hot, that even your own home became a bikram yoga studio. The Happy Barn Milkshake helps me and my cousins to feel cold and refreshed ☺

When we were at the kiosk, i already knew what will order since i saw in instagram last night that the Speculoos Cookie Butter is back in stock, though it still off the menu item 🙂 
There was Eric, while preparing my “Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter Milkshake. He was a bit shy yet friendly and very accommodating to answer our questions, well of course regarding the products and with a sort of “showbiz” question “Where is Jodi?” which he answered with a smile ☺
Then Eric handed my Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter Milkshake and…….I must say, this drink is lip smacking, Superb and really SPECTACULAR! I can’t even describe it, well aside from this is the first time that i’ve tried that kind of flavor, it’s really “masarap” and very “malinamnam” ☺ And i am one of those who’s going “craycray” over that cookie butter that’s why i am too excited to try it, but this time in milkshake ♡ I also asked him to put some toppings, like choc-nut and marshmallows which costs for Php15/topping.
And what Eric made us smile was, while we were busy taking our pictures, what he said was “isa pa ma’am, ung inaabot ko sayo ung milkshake” Yes, he’s very cooperative in Photo Op ☺
I was with my cousin that time and since she’s a nutella lover, Eric, suggested her to order for Nutty Monkey Delight it’s a banana nutella.
ImageWhile Eric was preparing for our drinks, we we’re kinda freaking out because of too much calories that we can have during that time plus the ice cream that we saw with our drinks that makes more sinful (guilty pleasure, indeed) but Eric made us calm and assured us by telling that the ice cream that they used is non-fat ☺ 
I let my cousin tried my Cookie Butter Milkshake and she shared her Nutty Monkey Delight too. Same reaction goes with her “Ang sarap nga ☺☺☺” 
And since we need to drop by at her sister’s office near Festival Mall, we decided that we should bring her this superb milkshake. She loves caramel and what we got for her is the “Merry Mango Caramelo.
To-go milkshake with their Eco-friendly bag ♡ 

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature – Marcus Aurelius” 

Happiness is a choice. 

Happy Barn = Happy Kid  and ‘we are always a kid at heart’ so to be happy and satisfied “DRINK HAPPY THOUGHTS.”





We asked Eric, where will be the next location for the Happy Barn and what he shared to us was we will meet Cowie soon in Mall of Asia and Market – Market


P.S. The ‘Happy Barn’ adds “kilig” on me because my boyfriend’s name is “KAWIE” 

– – – 

You can try the newest milkshakes in town at Rustan’s Evia, along Daang Hari, Las Pinas. 


You can also follow Cowie and the “Happy Barn” team on twitter and instagram: TheHappyBarn 


Hope i will be able to see and meet Jodi in person too soon (“,)


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